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The IP address of a particular device is usually given by the service provider that is the ISP. Apart from the internet providers, the address can be issued by the telecommunication providers. The address is important in many circumstances. This includes security and enhanced safety. With the address come other disadvantages such as curtailed internet experience and lack of privacy on the internet. Many people have complained about the continuous lack of privacy. However, it has reduced the number of piracy of music and other materials from the servers. The address is usually used for many practices. This includes practices such as spying.

People can confirm their IP addresses from service providers. This can be done by contacting the providers or checking the address from global positioning devices. The story of a persons IP address is mostly a parable to many people in the society. What is my IP address that is what may ask. The address is a digit that is allocated to each device using internet services. The digits are four in number and separated by dots commonly called as dotted quats. The digits are what makes, the computer to be identified. With the digits, it is now possible to know where a computer is operating. Knowing what my IP address is simple.

The address can also be gotten from hostís name. That is it can be deduced from the hosts name of the website or computer. The address is identifiable by the hostís name. The address also leads to lack of privacy it is with this that many people have blocked their addresses. This is done by hiding the address. This would in turn block the IP look up. The IP look up is a tool that enables o ne to know the location of the device and give other information such as the hostís name. To ensure this one has to hide IP address.

People often hide IP addresses to prevent disturbance of privacy. For one to hide the address one has to use something called proxy. The practice of hiding can be done by use of proxy of various kinds. This includes web-based proxy. These sites enable one to hide IP address. Some of the sites include proxy.com, which is a good example of website-based proxy. Apart from that, other proxy services include browser-configured proxy, which uses browser traffic routing to hide the address. There are however, other methods for one to hide their IP addresses. The practice of hiding is brought about by tracing of the address. IP trace is done by security agents and other institutions that monitor the internet usage.

Institutions that trace IP addresses contribute mostly to the hiding of internet protocol addresses. The tracing has many advantages and disadvantages. Many people have complained about the practice of IP trace. In summary, the practice of using IP address is good. This is because it ensures that there is peace and security in the countries. It has also enabled the capture of many illegal dealers of pirated products from the internet.